Contagious joy

At Sheba Medical Center today, as co-worker Colin and I approached Hassan’s room, the sound of laughter greeted us long before we got there. Hassan and his Aunt were a picture of pure joy, making faces at each other until one of them erupted once more into laughter. Watching them together, I couldn’t help but laugh too – it was just contagious. Sharing this moment felt so special, seeing the smiles creep across their tired faces, bringing a new light and hopefulness to their eyes.

It’s been a long journey for Hassan, it was so good to see him feeling better today. He’s still receiving a moderate amount of oxygen support at the moment. The doctors are assuming his pulmonary artery is too narrow, and they may need to help open it up. The plan is to do another catheterisation on Tuesday to check if this is necessary.

Your prayers are welcome for this little one.