Continuing to be stable

Mohammed has been moved to a new department of the Intensive Care Unit of Sheba Medical Center, indicating that his condition is perhaps continuing to be stable.

However, he is still intubated, and this second period of intubation is for over a week now. He also has sepsis, so the medical team would like to carry out some investigations into why he has had so many infections; perhaps there is a problem with his immune system. He is still a very small boy, weighing only around 2 and 1/2 kg.

For today, it was nice to see his dad, who was politely welcoming to me. Mohammed has a toy mobile above his bed, and a few other little toys scattered around the room, signs of hope for a full recovery. Dad told me that Mohammed’s mum sees him every day in Gaza via video-call. They are apart from a long time now, but trusting that all the times are in God’s hands.