Continuing to improve

When we came into Lewan’s room today she grabbed my hand and told me that it’s not nice to be in the hospital. I can very much understand and at the same time I was so happy seeing her awake and doing so much better. It was the first time since her surgery that I saw her awake again and could talk to her a little bit.

Her mom told me that Lewan feels a little dizzy and can’t really sleep, but the doctor told me that this probably came from the medication she got. They stopped today all her IV medications and so this problem should be gone soon. She is also still not eating which is very understandable as she is still recovering from her injuries in the throat. All in all her doctor was very happy about her development and told us that she is doing much better than yesterday.

Thank you Lord that Lewan is improving and that she is already doing so much better. Please bless her and help her to continue recovering!