Continuing with tracheostomy

We welcomed back Saif today for a week of appointments at Sheba hospital. His first was to see an ENT doctor to check his tracheostomy. Initially, when he was discharged a few months ago, the department thought they could close his trach in a few months.

After the examination today however, it is apparent that he will have the tracheostomy for some years as his windpipe needs to grow stronger and this will only come with time. His mother, who is a midwife in Gaza, does an incredible job of caring for her son’s tracheostomy; it is not easy, every few minutes he needs to have inside his throat suctioned which requires a portable machine she carries with her wherever they go. But as I said, she is a remarkable mother and caregiver for him. Please pray for this situation, for this mom, and her little Saif.