Coping with Complications

I was so grateful to God today for opening up easy communication with the doctors looking after Razbar as her case has been a little more complicated than normal. I walked out of the hospital room and looked right to try and find the doctor and without even saying a word the doctor saw me and kindly spent time explaining everything happening with Razbar at the moment.

The doctor shared that Razbar has a suspected lesion in the thoracic area near the larynx which is likely to be a build up of blood cells. It could be that this is something Razbar has had since she was a baby. However, the diagnosis is not yet confirmed and Razbar will have a brain MRI tomorrow in order to determine whether there are more lesions in the brain.

This is all a lot of informationĀ  for Razbar’ s father to process at the moment and is far from the simple heart surgery he was expecting to come to Israel for. Please pray for the healing of Razbar and that this lesion will be gone inĀ  Jesus’ name. Please also pray for Razbar’s dad that he will have peace with God’s timing in Razbar’s treatment.