Cozy and peaceful

Coworker Georgia and I had only one goal for today: Bringing Mohammed “asleep” for his EEG at Sheba Medical Center. We tried everything to make this little boy tired. At first, we scheduled the appointment in the afternoon. The mother stopped him from his lunch-nap. When we arrived, she gave him milk and she swung him back and forth endlessly on her knees. His Mum sang and played with him, but this little mister just didn’t get tired.

Too exciting was this new environment and these strangers. But thanks to the Lord, Mohammed has an unbelievably cozy and peaceful nature which enabled the nurse to do the EEG while he was awake.

We haven’t received a result yet, but in three weeks we will have an appointment with the doctor together to discuss the result of the EEG. It is very nice to see how he is improving more and more. Please continue to pray for him.