Cradling Ahmed

Two weeks ago, Ahmed underwent a cardiac catheterization where they were able to widen a stent that had been placed in his heart one year ago. Today he had a cardiac assessment, to make sure his heart was functioning well. The echo revealed that this intervention was successful. The cardiologists would like to present his case, regarding when would be the best time for a surgical intervention. Please pray for his mother during this waiting period, and for the doctors to make a wise and informed decision about whether it is better to perform the surgery now or safer in the future after some growth.

Prior to our departure to the hospital, I prayed that Ahmed would be calm during his exams. Ahmed is so full of life, he loves movement. At the hospital he was playing and flipping through the pages of a book that he found. He is often smiling and laughing, except once he sees the medical equipment, he often cries.

At the start of his assessment, he was inconsolable. However, after his mother sat on the examination table, cradling Ahmed in her arms, he was able to fall asleep to gentle rocking and a soft children’s lullaby, playing from a phone. At times he would almost wake up to various changes or noises, but he slept through most of the exam. This was an answer to prayer. He looked so sweet while sleeping. As his sweet mother was cradling Ahmed, it reminded me of Christ’s unconditional love, and how God is watching over Ahmed and protecting him. God is overjoyed and loves Ahmed.