Critical condition

I was shocked to see little Yazen today. Today’s photo of him compared to yesterday was completely different, as he is much more swollen.

With the help of translation, it was communicated to Yazen’s grandmother that Yazen is very sick and in critical condition. The doctor said his liver is not working properly and there are other unresolved health problems that he was experiencing in Gaza and came here with as well.

The doctor repeatedly said that Yazen is really not doing well and that he isn’t making any progress at the moment, but instead the opposite is the case, that he is getting worse.

Yazen’s grandmother took this news with a lot of strength saying ,”I know that he is not good, I can feel it.” The doctor said that the hospital will continue to do everything they can do for this little boy and suggested that the grandmother should continue to pray and trust in God in this whole situation.

Your prayers are much appreciated as well. Please join me in prayer for Yazen’s grandmother as well as his parents back in Gaza. Don’t let us forget Luke 18,27, that what is impossible for humans is possible for God. So even though it may seem that there is no hope for baby Yazen from a human point of view, there is hope in the Lord.