Critical condition

While visiting other children in the ICU I saw from afar that Hazhin’s room was really busy the whole afternoon. Her doctors took an X-ray, did an echo, made the daily blood tests and a neurologist came to see her.

After all those tests I waited with her father for her cardiologist to come to talk to us. Her father was told in Arabic what is going on and even though I couldn’t understand what they said, I instantly knew that they were worried. A kind nurse summarized for me that Hazhin is in a critical condition from a cardiological, neurological and nephrological point of view. They want to to a catheterisation and want to continue the many tests she has to undergo frequently.

Shevet Family: let’s come together in prayer for our beautiful Hazhin. We pray for healing and blessings for her. Lord we come to you and ask you to protect and strengthen her in this difficult time.