Today Asmeen and her mother met with the doctor at Sheba Hospital who will perform her essential and long-awaited kidney procedure. However, the doctor gave us trickier news than anticipated.

The doctor says there are two options available to Asmeen. First is a low-risk, brief procedure which will inject a liquid into her kidney which may resolve her reflux issue. This procedure has a 70% success rate. If it fails, Asmeen will have to restart her CEVUS process, and it will likely be months again before anything further can be attempted.

Second is a higher-risk, longer procedure to go into the kidney and surgically alter the problematic areas to resolve the reflux issue. This procedure has a 90% success rate; however, because of how long it is, it takes longer to schedule, meaning it’ll be at least a month until it’s available to Asmeen. This will be a hard ask for her mother.

They have to make a decision; we pray that they will make a wise one, and that God will reveal his will in this!