Crying a lot

When I visited our cute Liya today in Sheba Hospital, she was crying as she often does. Sometimes she keeps looking me in the eyes, but most of the time she’s just looking up to the ceiling. But when her mother enters the room and talks to her daughter, it is like a blind man suddenly gets to see. She immediately recognizes the voice and keeps looking for the face of her mother. She is the one Liya can rely on. Seeing this great bond is so wonderful. They are both leaning on each other in probably one of their hardest times in their lives. And they will need each other for some more time since Liya will have to spend more weeks and maybe even months in the hospital.

There is still no news about further steps for Liya. For now she has to recover from her brain damage and her neurologist will probably decide what’s coming next.
Please pray for patience for Liya’s mother and for wisdom for Liya’s doctors.