CT done today

Yadgar and his beautiful mum came to an appointment today at the hospital; he needed a CT scan so that the doctors could see more clearly his heart anatomy.

Yadgar and his friend Ayan both had CT scans today, so it was a nice group of us being able to spend the time together. We waited, as these two miniature cardiac patients were some of the more complex or high risks for the anaesthesia, and so they were the about the last cases of the morning clinic.

Yadgar was in the CT scan for over an hour. The doctor explained afterwards that this was partly because it was so difficult to find a suitable spot to place a cannula for him. Yadgar’s mother coped with the day very well. She is very agreeable and pleasant company.

To finish the afternoon, Yadgar and his mother had a corona test to prepare him for his surgery which hopefully would be on Sunday. We also saw one of Yadgar’s cardiologists who checked his leg pulses, weighed him and assessed his general condition. Out of the families we have currently here, Yadgar is one of the smallest and perhaps the weakest. He is generally very sleepy and doesn’t usually feed very well, so he is of course a concern as he waits for his surgery.

The doctor also shared that Yadgar’s CT scan revealed his TGA is not straight forward; there is an anomaly in the anatomy, and this will need to be fixed in surgery in addition to the switch of the great arteries. It looks like it will be a big surgery for this little man, and with perhaps a difficult recovery period. We know that God is in control.