CT-scan today

m We spent the day at Sheba hospital today as Hena’s CT-Scan was schedulted at 8:00 am. Although Hena was fasting, she was very calm overall.

Hena’s uncle was concerned about Hena’s hunger due to her fasting before the CT. He’s very kind and attentive to his little niece.

Hena’s doctor was very friendly towards us as we waited for our scan and also during the scan. He gave us information and made it possible for Hena to enter the scan earlier. Also he sang a song for Hena to keep her calm. It was very nice!

The CT-scan took us around 40 minutes and Hena’s condition was okay. We waited a bit until she got discharged successfully. Afterward, she was in a good mood, smiled a lot, and was also very tired because of the anesthesia.

Please pray for good results for little Hena from the scan.