CT scan with a fast recovery

We went to Sheba hospital very early in the morning for Abdullah’s CT-Scan. Firstly, we had to wait because there were some problems with the appointment because of the holidays, but after a little time of waiting, Abdullah entered the CT-Scan area.

We thought this procedure would be possible without Anesthesia because he was so calm, but as soon as Abdullah arrived in the CT-Scan room, he cried a lot.

The doctor decided to do it with Anesthesia and assured it would be fine.

Abdullah recovered very fast in the recovery area and asked about the phone already after a few minutes.

He was in a good mood, smiled a lot, and told us he is ready to go home. It surprised us that his little body could recover from Anesthesia so quickly and completely.

So everything went well and the surgery date is not made yet. Please pray for patience for Abdullah and his mother.