Curiously milling about

Today we picked up Hassan and his mom from Gaza this morning. After his last cath, he needs to come back to Sheba Hospital for another procedure.

For the admission, the doctors ordered an electrocardiogram for Hassan, to have his height and weight measured, to take a routine Covid test and in the afternoon, to have an X-ray.

Hassan found old friends in the Sheba Hospital. He went to say hi to all the people who were sitting and waiting too, he was curiously milling about all the different families there.

Hassan’s mom was so confident to leave him on his own in the waiting area, because no matter if the person next to us was Arabic or Jewish or neither, all of them treated Hassan with so much love, patience and generosity, all shared their children’s food and even money with him.

The waiting was longer today, so coworker Joanne had the opportunity to share with the people around us a little bit more about Shevet Achim. Those who were listening seemed to be very grateful for God’s work through us.