Cute Jamal is back

Our cute Jamal came today together with his father from Gaza for a follow up appointment at Sheba hospital. We as volunteers were all really happy to see him as we know him since he was a few weeks old. We enjoyed the time with Jamal waiting for his echo as much as he did. But once he was called into the examination room for his echo, he suddenly became very hungry and wouldn’t stop crying. And the echo didn’t enlighten his mood at all! But soon afterwards once he got his milk and the echo was finished, he fell asleep immediately.

Jamal’s father is taking good care of his son and it was great to see how much he loves and cares for him. He always made sure to check on Jamal while we  volunteers were spending our time with him. Once we came to Ashdod on our way back to the Gaza border, several volunteers came to see Jamal. We even joked to take Jamal into our own house to care for him which made his father laugh a lot.

Jamal is in a good condition and only needs to come back for another follow up appointment in three months. May the Lord give him health and growth as he and his family waits for his next appointment.