Dalal’s echo

After our “Dalalusch” and her lovely mother enjoyed the last week in Jerusalem, they had to come back to Sheba Hospital today for Dalal’s Echo.

She was crying a lot during the echo and it was very difficult calming her down. We tried everything we could, videos, her dummy, milk, everything. Nothing worked very well. “Dalalusch” just stopped for a few seconds in between. Despite this, Dalal’s mother took loving care of Dalal when the Echo was done, clothed her again and took her in her arms. Then Dalal stopped crying immediately. This showed me again how close and lovely their relationship is.

The doctor said that Dalal is doing well, and for now there aren’t any changes in her medicine. They want to see her again in one week. Thank you for your prayers for our cute “Dalalusch” and her lovely mother.