Dancing in the Sheba hallways

Meeting Fatoum dancing and playing with other Gaza kids in Sheba Hospital’s hallways was a great joy, after she was just the weekend before, brought to an ER at the same hospital.

The doctors have prescribed a course of antibiotics over the last days for Fatoum and have made many tests on Fatoum.  At this point, she was ready to go back

to our community home in Ashdod. When we were waiting for the discharge report, Fatoum was saying “okey, bye; okey bye.” As you can see when see was in the room, her mood changed a lot.
Fatoum is an active girl and curious too. She is always looking at what the nurse or doctor are doing for her. Tomorrow, Fatoum will have a CT, and with those results, it will be determined how to manage her condition.

Please pray for her improvement that she won’t have fever while she is with us, because that could mean she has an infection related with the cath she had on Thursday.