Dancing Malak

Today at Sheba Hospital, our little Malak went in for a video fluoroscopy! The doctors wanted to find our more about her eating problems by taking an x-ray of her mouth while she swallows. She seemed very excited to go out of her hospital room and see new places – while we were in the elevator and the ambulance, she was kicking her feet up and down and smiling. It looked like she was dancing!

During the test, she ate the yoghurt, but she must have used up a lot of energy dancing and was too tired to drink the milk. The doctors have to review the video before they come to a conclusion. Her grandmother is very pleased that she ate her yoghurt, and is hoping to be able to feed her a bit sometimes.

The doctors say that Malak will either learn how to eat well on her own, or get a PEG tube. Her grandmother really doesn’t want her to get a tube. Please pray that we will have good results, and good news for our sweet girl and her grandmother.