Daryan’s big day

His family has been waiting and waiting, and finally we got the call to bring Daryan for surgery. He arrived at the hospital and we had to try to calm him down and get him to sleep for his ECG. After three unsuccessful attempts and 2.5 hours of trying, the test done with good results. Then he was awake and ready to go again! When they were ready with a bed for us, we migrated to the secondary ICU unit where he was thrilled to see that his friend Israa was in the bed right next to him. We began the check in process and he was not impressed with the admission band around his leg or the oxygen monitor, but the real issue came when it was time to draw blood. He was not at all pleased, and it was very difficult for us to get the blood needed for the tests! This was rough for both him and his mother, so I decided to stay with them through the night. His mother is alone in a strange country with her only son about to have a major surgery and she cannot speak their language, only her native Kurdish. I am so thankful that I did, as God orchestrates all things well and she was so very thankful that I stayed. Daryan napped for a short time and we were getting ready to do a shower to prepare him for surgery when they came to say that one of the blood tests didn’t have a correct reading because they didn’t have enough blood and would have to draw more. This round didn’t go overly well either, but when we were finished we got him showered and he was happy to cuddle with his mom and ready to eat. She gave him a bite of plain yogurt which he apparently hasn’t had before and the look on his face was hilarious! He wrinkled his nose and stuck his tongue out but didn’t spit it out, just made a funny face. He was much more impressed with the chocolate pudding and this allowed me to capture a photo of his beautiful smile.


We showered him for a second time at six and the anesthesiologist came for signatures and we were escorted to surgery. They allowed his mother to gown up and go in with him while they put him to sleep and then the long wait began. We went to the ICU waiting area, and were both so tired emotionally and physically that we layed down on the benches and slept for a while. When we woke up I found us some tea and food and we had breakfast together. We went down to visit Rovar and his mother, and they chatted away for a bit and I am reminded of how they must feel most of the time as I couldn’t understand anything they said. When we went back up to the waiting room, Halala gave me a Kurdish lesson. I am trying my best to remember at least a few of the words! They finished about a half an hour sooner than they said they would which is a very good sign, and we watched them roll him from the OR to his room.


He looked very good, and his mother was so relieved to see him! She called his father and a few family members to let them know that everything went well and we practiced some more Kurdish until we were allowed to go in. The Doctors said that the surgery went exceptionally well, and they were able to repair all three of the areas they had hoped to, and that Daryan is doing so well! This is a wonderful miracle after some of the things they had thought early on in his case and we are so thankful! I was so happy I was jumping up and down and praising our God for His hand at work! Our God is so great! He orchestrated things so that I was able to get Halala settled in and was ready to leave with the hospital team to go home knowing that his mother could now get some rest and sleep near her son knowing that he is going to be okay! What a mighty God we serve! Please pray that he will continue to reveal the Messiah’s great love to them and for a speedy recovery for Daryan! Glory be to God!