Day Trip into Israel, and History!

While this little girl may not look like the type of person to push for change, make a new path, and lead the charge of change and growth, Hur may have become a trailblazer as the first Gazan to enter Israel since the war started! She had a catheter the day before, and when I saw her today she seemed quite happy and content back in her old home of Sheba Hospital, where she spent the first few months of her life.

Doctors were not so pleased with the overall results of the catheter, they had partially resolved Hur’s Pulmonary Stenosis by widening the valve, but they were not happy with the results for her future, and thus we will see her back in Sheba in one month. Assuming the Israeli Government will continue to show compassion on the sweet children like Hur, and give them this oh-so-vital medical aid, to change their lives.

Hur’s aunt and escort, was also quite content to be back in Sheba, I had to basically drag her out of the hospital because she would stop and enthusiastically talk to every friend she had made over her previous stays there. We saw them off back to Bethlehem, and we are praying that we can see them return soon.