Days in the hospital

Meera is settled into her room now in the pediatric intermediate care unit of the cardiac department at Sheba hospital. As her father speaks Arabic, it is in some ways easier to get a grip on things, but of course it’s still a new environment he’s coping with, in a gentle yet determined way.

For isolation purposes, all visitors have to wear a blue gown and gloves, and of course a face mask when visiting Meera, so this alerts her into a bit of a panic at the beginning, although it was sweet to see her fear quickly dissolve when she recognised Alena and I.

She has had further assessment with a CT scan, and the doctors continue to discuss her case, with a view to plan her surgery. Her father is patient and although asking if we know when the surgery might be, he also expressed that he will be with his daughter for as long as it takes for her to be well. He said that his wife is crying at home with his own mother, as she misses them both.

Thank God for His perfect timing and we are hoping for a good outcome for Meera.