Decision Time

Our lovely Varin had an echo today. Her doctor wants the best for her and he thinks there are different ways to proceed, because it is a very complicated operation.

He also mentioned that he is going to meet with the board and discuss if the best thing for Varin is going back to Kurdistan to wait 1 1/2 or 2 years, then perform the operation.

Please pray for her mother, she was very sad with the news and crying. It has been a very very long journey for both of them. She thinks if they go back, the local doctors in Kurdistan won’t be able to keep her alive.But on the other hand Varin has improved a lot in her motor skills. She has been attending physical therapy and her mom has been so disciplined to follow their instructions, which is making her strong.

Please be praying for the doctors to have wisdomĀ as they make their decisions.