Deep Talks and Smooth Echoes

As you can read in the title, we felt really blessed to have this lovely day with lovely parents and kids today.

Sadly, out of eight children, who have been invited to Wolfson hospital, only four showed up today. The other four, so 50%, did not get their permission to leave Gaza. This maybe does not sound too bad as it would “only“ pop up once a time. But unfortunately, it seems that the percentage of kids without permission has slowly increased within many months. So if you have those Gaza children on your heart, one thing you can pray for are the permissions – one of the most important steps to be able to help them.

However, today we welcomed four lovely families. Deiaa, Nour and Salma were our older children between the age of seven and eleven years. They were all really busy playing with all the different toys we took with us. So it’s been so nice watching them painting together, puzzling patiently, building creatures with lego and being just in their own small world. We also played frisbee and another game together and it’s been really nice seeing them playing so calm and peacefully with one another. Also one of their mums could speak English and has been so open for any question. I felt so blessed to talk with her.

Our smallest guest has been our wonder Akram. As I’ve seen his grandmother walking down the corridor she was smiling and I came, hugging her with an extra long kiss at the end. When I first met Akram October last year, he was in such a terrible condition. So small, blue and only one month old. His grandmother cried desperately as the doctors did not know whether he was operable. They even had phone meetings with New Yorker and Londoner physicians to receive advice about his case. After this intense process, they agreed to try to operate him as their first kind of this operation they ever did. And now look at him. He is doing so well with his chubby cheeks and his nice skin color. Even their doctors were so excited seeing him and called other doctors to see him. Praise God! Only he did this miraculous healing in this boys life. Thank you God for what you did for Akram! All four of them could go home with good echo reports. Let’s also thank God for his healing and his love for each an every child around the world!