Dental work finished

This morning, Mizgeen had his long-awaited dental procedure.

The doctors repaired some cavities and damaged teeth and removed three baby teeth that were ready to come out.

Mizgeen has been quite excited for this appointment for some time, so he was all smiles before the procedure. “Is that the doctor for my teeth?” he asked me again and again in Kurdish as one after another, nurses and the anesthesiologist arrived to get him ready. His whole face lit up when the dentist finally arrived– I’ve never known a child to be so eager for medical procedures.

After the procedure, Mizgeen was a little shy about his newly gap-toothed grin. Help came from across the world from my mom, who immediately sent me a picture of myself at Mizgeen’s age, also missing my two front teeth after having them removed. This, along with lots of reassurance from his big sisters via video call, cheered him up, and by the time I left, he offered to show off his new smile for a picture.

Now that this procedure is done, Mizgeen is ready for his big heart surgery. God willing, it will take place on Sunday. Please pray for him and his mother as they approach the operation.