Still under the care of Sheba Hospital’s Pediatric ICU medical staff, Somaia wasn’t really well this morning as her saturation levels suddenly fell dangerously, when the doctors there almost had to resuscitate her. The doctor I talked to told me that she was only one step away from resuscitation. They also told us that this actually happens often and that it has become quite normal in Somaia’s current condition.

When I visited them both, Somaia’s aunt and I just watched little Somaia for a bit. She was as normal as she can be and was moving her arms around a lot. She even grabbed my fingers, which brought a big smile on my face and her aunt’s.

Please pray for this little girl who has been in the ICU now for so long without much progress, fighting a battle that most baby girls aren’t asked to fight. We don’t know what God’s plan is for her and what will happen to her in the next weeks or months, but we can be sure that God loves her and knows what’s best for her.