Details revealed by first exam in Israel

Lawi’s first visit to the Sheba Medical Center was today. In the midst of an area bustling with children running around the play center, Lawi patiently waited on a colorful seat with his father by his side. Lawi meticulously created art. He once aligned stickers gently in a perfect line, and counted each and every one of them. During his waiting period, he colored a picture within the lines and carefully matched the colors to their descriptions.

As his art is detailed, so is his diagnosis. In addition to his heart condition, Lawi has pulmonary hypertension, or high blood pressure in his lungs. He also has fluid in his abdominal cavity and lung cavities. These are contributing factors to his frequent respiratory infections, struggles with tolerating prolonged activity, and frequent vomiting. The cardiologist is suggesting a valve replacement surgery. A chest x-ray was performed today. Hopefully after the cardiologist interprets the results, more details regarding the plan of care will be disclosed as we learn more information.

Please pray for Lawi and his father as they wait for more results. Please pray for wisdom and respect in planning his care.