Diagnosis: cute

Eliyas, at two months old, has successfully charmed each person who set their eyes on him today at the hospital. He has his first appointment which he attended with his very caring father.

Eliyas has two older siblings back in Kurdistan, and it was nice to see a few photos of them. Eliyas is a very lovely baby and very relaxed and smiley. He had the full range of tests today; Echo, ECG, blood test and X-ray, handling them all beautifully and generally happily. The cardiologist loved him, and said that her diagnosis for him was “cute!”

She also confirmed the diagnosis of TGA from Kurdistan, and also pointed out that he has a large and abnormal pulmonary valve. This could affect their plan for his surgery. His condition will be discussed with the medical team, and they will make a plan for his surgery. Thank you for praying for this happy boy!