Diagnostic cath today

Sohaib had a diagnostic catheterization today. The doctors at Sheba Hospital have been waiting for him to recover from his fever to do the procedure. They discovered a narrowed, stenotic valve that developed after his surgery. This narrowed valve prevented blood from getting oxygenated in the lungs. Consequently, his heart has been pumping poorly oxygenated blood to his body. The doctors think he needs another surgery to fix the valve, and they will make a final decision tomorrow. As for now, Sohaib is stable after his procedure, and we pray that he remains stable while the doctors decide how to best treat him.

His mother is strong and courageous as she deals with these setbacks, but the prospect of another surgery is very frightening. Today she listened to videos of Psalm 11 and 139 in Kurdish. Please pray that the words of the psalmists and God’s transcendent peace will be with her as she endures this difficult time with her beloved son.