Dietary check-up

Written by Bria and Ivan

Today was a productive day for Mariya.  The trip was exciting because Mariya was going to her favorite place and that is the hospital.  All the way she laughed and sang songs.

The doctor said the good news: Mariya is on the mend!  She has gained weight since her last check-up and is getting stronger.  Doctors are satisfied with her condition and assure that it will only get better.

Mariya still doesn’t eat any regular food, only milk. This is a problem now that she’s two and a half and needs more nutrition than milk can provide. The dietician explained to her mother to give her food to play with, even if she doesn’t eat it, to help her become more interested. If she makes progress in this in the next month, the next step will be to decrease the amount of milk she gets so that she will be hungry for regular food. We are praying for her recovery and will wait for good news at the next appointment.

After the appointment, we went for a walk to get some coffee together before going home to Ashdod.