Dina is discharged to Jaffa

Today, after many struggles with Dina’s mom, they were discharged to our community house in Jaffa, the feelings involved in this discharge were mixed on the part of the doctors. Dr. Tirosh would have preferred to keep Dina at the hospital, but Dina’s mom was not being cooperative and was not willing to stay.

Since Dina is relatively well, the doctors agreed to send Dina home in the hopes that Dina’s mother would find a time of rest and that she was able to continue to care for Dina for some time more, until she is well enough to return to Kurdistan.

Please join us in prayer for this tired mom so that God can bring some new strengths and joy to her while she is at home with us and that the peace of the Lord can come upon her! For Dina, that she will be improving and healthy during her stay here in Jaffa, so they won’t need to go back to the hospital.