Dina is extubated

The lovely Dina is extubated which is good, but she is still on a lot of oxygen support because her oxygen is getting quite low without it.

A few days ago, her doctors did some tests to see how she is doing. When I went to Sheba hospital today to visit Dina and her mother, I asked the doctor about the results of the tests. He said they look good and that she is doing better overall.

Dina’s mother was happy to hear this news as that is the only thing she and also we are hoping for on behalf of Dina, to get better and recover quickly. It looks like Dina’s infection is also under control now.

Please continue to pray for this lovely girl and her mother whom we both miss a lot back at our community home. However, we know that God is with them and he cares for his beloved children. In him we trust.