Disappointing day

Early this morning we got the message from Sheba Hospital that San will have his surgery tomorrow and we should bring him today for his admission. His mother was surprised but happy that the waiting finally has an end.

Half an hour later we were on our way to Sheba where San had and ECG and they did a 3D echo as a preparation for his surgery.

In the waiting time San went together with his mom to a party in front of the hospital where he got balloons and had a lot of fun.

But shortly before San could go into his room in the ICU the head nurse discovered how bad San’s teeth are and that he will need a treatment for that before he can have surgery. The risk of an infection would be too dangerous. This was very disappointing news for his mom who really wants to go home to her family soon again. Tomorrow San will have a first appointment with the dentist where he will decide what treatment he will need.

Please pray for patience for his mom who probably will need to wait again for a couple of weeks until all the dental work is finished and San cam have his surgery.