Disappointing news

Sheba Medical Center provided Asmaa with an echo today. Her grandma was pleased. Her main question for the doctor after the echo was, “Is Asmaa able to come home yet?”

The cardiologist took a long time to thoroughly check her echo, and as he continued to take more images, Asmaa started to cry. She was very upset and we could hear her breathing becoming noisy as she coughed and wheezed.

After some time, he explained that he does not feel Asmaa can be sent home from the hospital in the condition she is in. He said that although her mitral valve is better than it was previously, with much less stenosis, still it is not functioning well. He also said Asmaa is experiencing moderate to severe regurgitation as the blood flow struggles to move properly within her heart. He will need to discuss her case with the rest of the cardiac team, but he suggested that it may be possible that Asmaa would need a third surgery.

It was really sad to hear this news, and I tried to encourage Asmaa’s grandma as I thanked her for her commitment to staying with Asmaa these many weeks. Please pray for beautiful Asmaa and for healing in her heart.