Disappointment for Daryan

Daryan and his mother came to the hospital today, she said to me that now she has been here for 71 days. At the house she has been very patient in the waiting time, and kept herself busy making some very delicious cakes. Daryan has settled in at the house increasingly, and getting steadier on his feet.

Today was supposed to be a special echo appointment to help plan his surgery. Daryan was extremely upset and distressed with all of the attempts at the assessment, for example the ECG and the echo, and so it wasn’t possible for these to be carried out. His mum worked hard to send him off to sleep, carrying him in her arms.

There was a time where he did sleep, and it was possible to get some images of the echo, however when it was time to start the special part of the echo, Daryan was awake and really screaming, so it was discontinued.

It was a real disappointment for Daryan’s mum that he was unable to have this assessment done today. Hopefully they will be able to schedule an alternative for him soon. Please pray for his mum as she continues to wait for him, that she can know she is not alone in her waiting here.