Discharge and Recovery

Harzheen has had a very straight forward recovery after her operation. She is such a beautiful girl with a big smile on her face. Last week she had her operation. Yesterday when we were visiting the families, she had another echo. The leaking of the aorta valve was less and the doctor was happy to discharge her.
Harzheen had a stiff neck due to the IV that was placed in her neck. Although she would not complain you could see she was in pain. There was no injury only the muscle was stiff. At the end of the afternoon we took Harzheen and Mom back to the Shevet house. Next week Harzheen has to return to the hospital for another echo and than they will schedule her for the final heart operation.
This morning we were praying for her neck; that she can move her head and that she will be without pain. When I entered Harzheen’s room after our morning devotion time, she came happily to me and showed me that she could move her head and was without pain. What a wonderful God we serve. Thank you Jesus!