Discharge in sight

This morning at Sheba Hospital, I saw Maryam first, as I do almost every day. Her grandmother was taking her in her stroller almost everywhere and it’s so great to see how curious Maryam is. With all the duvets and toys inside the stroller it doesn’t just look like a stroller, but a portable hospital bed!

After some fun-time with Maryam and her grandmother, a doctor told me they have worked out a whole plan for Maryam until Wednesday. On Monday, Maryam will have an echo follow-up appointment to make sure everything is good with the cardiologists. On Tuesday, she will have another fluoroscopy. On Wednesday, she can finally return to her family in Gaza, however at first Maryam will go to a hospital in Gaza to make sure everything is good with her PEG, but after two days she will be able to really go home.

Her grandmother was so joyful and relieved.  She is looking forward to seeing all their family again. Let’s pray together for little Maryam, that her next examinations will go well so they can go home at last without any difficulties.