Discharge possibly this week

The doctor at Sheba Hospital told me that Nadeen looks better than ever before. She will have a follow-up on Wednesday with the cardiologist. It is hoped that discharge will be declared at that time and Nadeen’s mother will be told how much medicine Nadeen will still need for her life in Gaza.

We hope very much for a good outcome after the examination since Nadeen and her mother are in the hospital for quite a long time. Meanwhile, the doctors are giving Nadeen a different milk and are trying to make her body used to it. Also, Nadeen is receiving an important vaccination for children, which Shevet Achim made possible for her.

Nadeen’s mom is very nervous about the medication, as she will be responsible for administering it in Gaza. So please pray for Nadine’s mom regarding this concern, and for little Nadeen, that she can be discharged this week.