Discharge tomorrow

Soccer time!! When we visited Mira at Sheba Hospital today, she was playing with a couple of doctors and nurses in the middle of the hallway in front of her room; it was a celebration because Mira was ready to go home.

It’s impossible not to smile and have fun times when Mira is around. The doctor explained to us that Mira was ready to go home because she had good results in her tests and she will be scheduled to return next month for a follow-up appointment.

When we were working on Mira’s discharge, the nurse discovered that unfortunately Mira’s medication wasn’t available in the correct dosage, and this medication needs to be in exact dosage to help with Mira’s condition, otherwise it could be dangerous for her. The doctor explained in detail to Mira’s dad how to measure and give to Mira the correct amounts of her medication, this before her discharge tomorrow.