Today was such a wonderful day for our little Malak and her mother. Both were in such a happy mood that you couldn’t do anything but share their joy. Malak even had her own discharge outfit!
We just had to wait for her cardiologist, who should tell us when her next Cath will take place. Once we had the information that her next appointment would be in the middle of November Malaks doctors in the pediatric immediately started preparing her medication and papers for the discharge. The ambulance was also very early at Sheba medical care to bring them to Gaza, so they could leave very fast. Saying goodbye was difficult but we felt so happy for them to see their family and friends again.

Malak and her mother will stay in a hospital in Gaza until they will come back to Sheba for her next Echo and Cath.

Let’s pray for both to get some rest and to enjoy their time with their family. Thank the Lord to give them the opportunity to spend nearly one month in their home area again!