I first saw Marya and her dad today whilst I was in the outpatient department with another child. The cardiologist was explaining to dad using another of the Kurdish mums for translation, that they still do not know the plan for Marya, and even if she is operable. It was clear to see on his face that this is difficult news for him to hear.

But for today, as there was nothing further to be done at the hospital, he and Marya were just keen to come home. They did have to wait for many hours to be discharged, but it was lovely to speak to him during this time. He explained that for the last 8 years has been part of the Kurdish forces fighting against ISIS, and showed me a slideshow of photos. He shared about the loss of some of his friends during the fighting, and thanked God that he didn’t have injuries.

So this brave man is now following another path of hope; he has brought his precious only child to Israel and hoping that the doctors here will be able to save her life. At the moment, the answer is not certain.

I really hope and pray that Mary’s father will come to know that he can place his daughter into the hands of our Father in heaven. The all powerful one who first loved us. Please pray for Marya.