When I arrived at Sheba Hospital on Friday, I found Amir and his mother in their room with the pacemaker specialist who was checking to make sure his pacemaker was working well. The doctor determined everything was ready for Amir to go home. He also changed his bandage, which caused Amir some pain and worry, but ultimately was good because the doctor was able to show his mother how to do it. The doctor went over all the discharge instructions with the help of an Arab hospital worker who spoke both Hebrew and Arabic.

After waiting for an hour, the discharge paperwork was ready to go and we set off towards the Hebron border crossing. Amir was all smiles as we left the hospital and it was a joy to see him safely through his hospital stay and back home. We dropped him and his mother safely at the border that afternoon.

We praise God for his diligent care over Amir and that he is now reunited with his family.