Its a happy day for Hani and her father, as the echo confirmed that her heart is looking good and she can go home to Kurdistan!

Let’s remember that when Hani was first here, the doctors weren’t sure that she is going to be operable or not. Praise God, the surgeon was able to successfully carry out a very new procedure to correct her anomaly and completely transform her heart!

She is able to walk around now without tiring; it is such a joy to see the transformation in her.

It was also nice to see Hani’s dad with the other “Shevet dads” who are at the hospital; the fathers of Aram and Marya. Hani’s dad is a caring and friendly man, and they seem to have a great friendship. The experience of giving over their little girls into the hands of the surgeons here, and into the hands of God has brought them together. We pray that one day the hearts of these gentle and loving earthly fathers will come to know the love of our Heavenly Father.