Svea and I got the news today that Hassan can be discharged from the hospital. He was brought up for an echo earlier in the week, but due to his poor condition, needed to be hosptialised for a catheterisation. So today, when we saw him, he was looking very happy and his aunt was preparing to go home. Our team at home organised transportation back Gaza, and so Svea and I just had the very enjoyable task of giving him cuddles and loving this sweet boy for a short time.

Hassan is one of the first children who I saw when I got here a year ago. I remember thinking how tiny he was, and watching his laboured breathing and thinking that his life is really in the hands of God. I flicked back through my Google photos, and found a photo of his tiny white body from last year, and really we have to praise God, who has brought him out of death and into life! Please keep on praying for Hassan’s health.