Ali’s mum called me this morning as we were leaving for the hospital, just in time for us to get a seat for the car, as she said he is going to be coming home today! This is great news, for this special mum who has stayed so happy and strong throughout her time in the hospital.

It was a real pleasure to be able to accompany Ali out of the hospital. He is completely transformed from when he came into the hospital, even now I’m thinking back to times before when his oxygen levels were so low, he was turning almost grey in colour. Now he is beautifully pink and looks so healthy!

Ali’s mum was in a beautiful mood and as she left she said goodbye to everyone she has spent these weeks with. She is one of the friendliest people I know, and I’m sure she is joy and sunshine to everyone who meets her. She hugged and kissed goodbye to the other mothers and children, thanked all of the ICU staff, and continued a little “in joke” that she has with the lady who cleans the rooms. She is a friend to everyone, and I really love this about her.

The nurses there said very fond farewells to her and Ali as well. So, I can see how the pair make a lovely impact on everyone they meet.

Thank God for his healing in Ali, and please pray it continues.