Discharged After a Long Day

I saw Musa at 8.30am this morning, in his hospital pajamas being led to the lift to go downstairs for an x-ray and ultrasound. He was looking like he was in some pain after the cath yesterday. He immediately asked if we are going home.. He really doesn’t like the hospital..! We waited a long time, but after the x-ray and the ultrasound were done, we went back upstairs to the ICU, and received the news that yes, he could go home.

However, we still needed to wait for Musa to see an endocrinologist, have another x-ray and have some blood tests done. This took a very long time, and it was difficult for Musa to wait, as he was so anxious to get home!

The good news is that he is now back home here at Shevet with his father. But, his time at the hospital is not yet over, as he will need to go back next week to see the cardiologist and also to have a CT scan of his head. This is because there were really a lot of work AVMs in the lung which was causing the original symptoms, so the medical team decided it is necessary to check that these are not also in the brain.

Please pray that Musa will know the peace of God as he thinks about the next appointments.