Discharged after three months

Almost exactly three months ago, Meera had her first appointment at Sheba hospital. Clearly she was not well enough to be at our community home, so she was hospitalized the same day she arrived and has been there through multiple caths and surgeries.

The astonishment of the doctors at her diagnosis was something that stood out from that first day. Over these three months, however, they’ve not only treated the structural problems of her heart, but have become like family to her and her father.

Meera would often be sitting with one of the nurses behind the desk, many doctors would stop and say hello to her and to her father as they walked the halls, and the nurses of their unit went shopping for her and bought many new clothes for Meera. They were clothes that fit her size so well and were colors that matched her complexion and hair. It was obvious they were chosen with great love and thought.

Meera has been discharged from the hospital today, after three months, having been honored and loved to the full by her father and by the staff at Sheba. I believe that because of the love she received from them, she is a different girl than she would have been otherwise.

Being able to see these circumstances is a privilege as is coming to know little Meera, and to welcome her to Jaffa at long last, and to be a spectator of the incredible compassion and love of the Sheba staff.

Please continue to pray for her life.