Discharged and Needing to Gain Weight

Today we went to pick up Mohammed and Mom from Hadassah hospital because he was being discharged 9 days after his surgery. God has been good to him and Mom! Mohammed still has high pressure in his lungs so he needs to continue with the medication that helps him. We found them in their room with everything packed and very ready to leave! Mom had many gifts from people there: a beautiful new stroller, toys, food, and milk for him. The recommendation now is for Mohammed to gain weight so he needs to eat very well and drink lots of milk.

Mom was happy to come to Yaffa and we were happy to bring them home. Mohammed is another miracle for us and it’s been amazing to see how God has been showing His mercy and love upon our kids and specifically on Mohammed’s life. Mom is still a little bit concerned about Mohammed and also her pregnancy. It’s being a little hard for her, please pray as she needs strength to stay here and wait for Mohammed’s next echo on the 18th of August. Hopefully that appointment will clear them to go back to Dad and family. Let’s get together and pray for this precious mom that is giving all she has for this beautiful boy. Let’s pray for her pregnancy and for good times at Shevet – to enjoy food, company, and the presence of God.