Discharged and Stable

Hadassah Hospital called today to say that little Mohammed was discharged, because he is stable and can wait at Shevet for his cath Monday (which means he will be readmitted this Sunday). The cath will be to see if they can do surgery because of his pulmonary hypertension and if they can do surgery hopefully it will be scheduled for this week. When we got to Hadassah the discharge report had been written, and also by then Mohammed was asleep while his mom and the journalist who traveled with them, Dale, were waiting in his room.  Both women were very kind and cordial (Dale is fluent in Arabic!) Mohammed is not too keen on the car seat he must sit in, and Debi, the nurse that accompanied him yesterday from Jordan to Hadassah knew his dislike of it, so she packed a  bag full of toys and his favourite fruit, a banana, so that he would be more comfortable in the car this time around. But between the hospital and the car, and the totally new environment of course mum was the only one whose presence could reassure and comfort him.

It is sometimes  discouraging to parents to have their child admitted one day and then discharged the next without any progress being made, and understandably so, but after a long car ride from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, we got to Shevet, showed him and his mother their room, and she remarked that he seems happy here, and they both seem glad to wait at Shevet. Please pray that they would adjust to this brand new place well, and for a surgery to be possible despite in high lung pressure. We thank God that he safely arrived in Israel, and is stable!