Discharged at long last

Our cute Maryam finally had her discharge from Sheba Hospital today! Her grandmother could barely make it through an hour without asking me when we will leave. The doctors already had everything ready at 9 AM, explained everything to Maryam’s grandmother and told her what to do when there’s a problem with Maryam’s PEG, but we had to wait until the afternoon for the hospital in Gaza to make sure there is enough space in the two days she will stay there.

In that time, Maryam had seen the whole hospital at least five times and made about ten photo shoots. When the message came that the Gaza hospital will have space and Maryam and her grandmother will be picked up at 5 pm, they were so fast with packing all their things together.

Finally, the ambulance didn’t come at 5pm but at 7pm. The waiting time wasn’t that boring though. There were always some other mums who came and sat with us, talking to Maryam’s grandmother for the last time after having spent so much time together in hospital.

Our little Maryam will come back in the middle of December for an echo and some other follow-up appointments. The two of them sure will he missed, although it was easy to share their joy of heading back home.

Thank you, Lord, so much for Maryam and her grandmother, that they can go home and meet their family and friends again. They had a wonderful day today with all the other mums and it was great to see them so happy! Please stay with them during their time in Gaza, that Maryam does well and they don’t have any complications with her PEG!